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 Muay Thai Bracelet / Prajiad-Prajead / Black

arrow Muay Thai Bracelet / Prajiad-Prajead / Black
Muay Thai Bracelet / Prajiad-Prajead / Black Muay Thai Bracelet / Prajiad-Prajead / Black Muay Thai Bracelet / Prajiad-Prajead / Black
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Article Description
Traditional Muay Thai bracelet in black with black fringes.
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Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a martial art and the national sport of Thailand.

Thai Boxing evolved from regular martial arts. When no weapons were available, warriors fought with their legs, fists and elbows.

Fights in an official ring first took place in 1921. The first fight with boxing gloves right was held in 1929 and earlier took place only with handwraps. Groin guards were crafted from coconut shells. Rounds depending on the tournament are between 2x2 to 5x3 minutes.

The main features of Muay Thai are strikes with the elbow, knee and shin. These strikes can target the upper body and the thigh. Knee kicks and elbow strikes to the head are allowed depending on the regulations. In clinching, the opponents remain standing, trying to get the opponent off balance and make contact with his knees against the torso or thighs. Thai boxing is a full contact sport.

Thai boxer clothing simply consists of a pair of shorts. Shin insteps are not mandatory. Thai shorts are usually shorter than boxing shorts, and they are apart, so you perform fast, high and powerful kicks without interference.They also come with a super strong 3 or 4 inches thick-collar, which can be secured with a heavy cord. Thai shorts are made from different materials, namely, nylon, polyester and satin. The most affordable are made from nylon but are inferior in quality. Satin shorts are soft and supple and good quality. Satin shorts are the most preferred shorts among fighters. Polyester are nearly similar in quality to satin but are lighter.
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